Britannia Fat Quarter Bundle

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Item Number:  FQBRIT

Fibre Content: 100% Cotton

Size: 18" x 22" fat quarter

Designer:  Lewis & Irene

Collection: Britannia

Item Description:  Bundle includes one 18"x 22" cut of fabric of each of the following prints:

Royal Britannia London - Cream
Royal Britannia London - Grey
Royal Britannia London - Blue
Union Jack Hearts - Black
Union Jack Hearts - Grey
Union Jack Hearts - Cream
Metallic Gold Crowns - Cream
Metallic Gold Crowns - Blue
Metallic Silver Crowns - Red
British Soldiers - Grey
British Soldiers - Blue
British Soldiers - Cream
Clock Face - Gold
Clock Face - Blue
Clock Face - Grey

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How To Order Fabric From The Fabric Curator

Please note that when specifying quantities, our fabrics are sold per quarter yard (Fat Quarter).

A quantity of 1 will be one quarter yard (Fat Quarter).
A quantity of 2 will be 1/2 a yard (18 inches).
A quantity of 3 will be 3/4 of a yard (27 inches).
A quantity of 4 will be a full yard (36 inches).

For example, if you would like to order 3 full yards of fabric, you would enter a quantity of 12.

Should you have special cutting instructions (you would like a half yard and a Fat Quarter), please drop a note in the Special Instructions box before selecting 'Check Out'. 


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