Cashmere by Sanderson is an exquisite new collection of craft fabrics. From the 1920's interpretation of Jacobean design Amanpuri and original Sanderson design Cashmere Paisley to the modern, tropical Paradesia incorporating flora, fauna and beautifully illustrated Birds of Paradise, it captures the graceful evolution of flowers and foliage in art.

Cashmere Amanpuri Indigo PWSA009

Cashmere - Amanpuri in Indigo

Regular price $4.00
Cashmere Paradesia Garden PWSA011.GARDEN

Cashmere - Paradesia in Garden

Regular price $4.00
Cashmere Paisley Garden PWSA012.GARDEN

Cashmere - Cashmere Paisley in Garden

Regular price $4.00
Cashmere Pelham Garden PWSA013.GARDEN

Cashmere - Pelham in Garden

Regular price $4.00
Cashmere Amanpuri Large Garden PWSA010.GARDEN

Cashmere - Amanpuri Large in Garden

Regular price $4.00
FreeSpirit Solids Berry CSFSESS.BERRY

FreeSpirit Solids - Berry

Regular price $2.75
FreeSpirit Solids Freedom Blue CSFSS.FREBL

FreeSpirit Solids - Freedom Blue

Regular price $2.75
Cashmere Ottoman Flowers Garden PWSA014.GARDEN

Cashmere - Ottoman Flowers in Garden

Regular price $4.00