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I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. In Ontario, we have entered yet another lockdown. I, like most of you I am sure, am trying my best to protect those around me, while at the same time preserving my own physical and mental well being.

Be safe.

Take care of you.

I am lucky to have an outlet in my business. I often describe @the_fabric_curator as my passion project and I am very blessed to have this outlet; colours, patterns, textiles and the endless possibilities to create from those elements.

With every email I get from my fabric distributors related to new fabric releases, I focus on curating a selection of fabrics for you. I have been selecting and buying some beautiful fabrics and have scheduled a large amount of new additions over 2021. I can’t wait to share with you what I am adding. Unfortunately (and understandably), COVID has affected production and distribution of fabrics and while I have an idea as to when I should get my fabrics, I can’t anticipate delivery like I use to. All I can give you is an estimated time of arrival. All fabric stores are in the same boat and I know I can speak for us all when I say please stay with us and support us! Prices of fabrics have gone up from manufacturing to the distributors and you will no doubt see price increases for yardage over the next year.

This week, I’m going to start sharing with you what fabrics I have coming in. There is a lot of beauty around us and as textile artists, we’re lucky to have some great materials to create with!
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